A little about me…


My name is Erica Dix and I am a science writer/communicator based in Chicago. I studied English, creative writing, and Environmental Studies at DePaul University.

My whole life, I have been captivated by stories. I believe that through storytelling, we have the power to shape the world around us, and reach people in new and compelling ways. I find that storytelling is a company or association’s strongest tool, and I strive to bring creativity and honesty into the work I do to help build relationships through stories.

I find that I am inspired by the natural world and enjoy writing about science, nature, and medicine. I believe that proper communication about science and medicine is extremely important,  and clear, engaging content writing can really make a difference in these fields. I always enjoy learning about new topics, and I pride myself on flexibility and understanding. Some of my interests are ornithology, podcasting, hiking, and sustainable living.