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I have written many blog posts for Pro-Home Services about roofing, siding, etc. It is great to work with small businesses in the Chicagoland area. Planning Your New Roof, Step by Step 10 Tips for Choosing a Front Door Can a Wood Shake Roof Have You Covered? How to Avoid a Leaking Roof in Winter


For the past two years, I have worked on the editing, organizing and publication of the Illinois Water Environment Association's quarterly newsletter, The Clarifier, which is printed and mailed out to association members. I gather articles from contributors, work with photos, write directions for the printer, organize the articles, and proofread them. All the content …

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Why are we Still Fighting Tuberculosis?

This piece was completed for a graduate-level science writing class that I took at DePaul. King Tut, Edgar Allan Poe, Eleanor Roosevelt, and George Orwell all lived in various times across human history, yet they all died the same way- of tuberculosis, the highly contagious but treatable disease. Tuberculosis, or TB, is an age-old disease, …

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